The Best Home Upgrades – 9 Favorites

There are lots of fairly simple renovations you can do to greatly increase your home’s value.  Some are easy, some are hard; some are cheap and some cost a bit.  But all will make your home more valuable and that will get you a better return on your investment.  Here are some of the most popular home upgrades.


New Coat Of Paint


Realtors say that painting is one of the most profitable upgrades that you can do.  This goes for both the interior and the exterior.  Slap on a new coat of paint and your house’s value shoots up a notch.  Just be mindful of your color choices.  Make sure the colors are tasteful and the painting is done well.


Your New Kitchen


Kitchen renovations are also quite profitable.  They tend to be more expensive, but there are always ways that you can save on them.  New countertops are a good option, or even something as simple as new nobs and handles.  When doing kitchen renovations, make sure that your kitchen maintains a consistent theme and that it matches with the rest of the house.


Your New Bathroom


Bathroom renovations are also wonderful.  Very simple surface alterations can add value to this part of the home.  You don’t have to go all-out and install whole new bathrooms.  The aim of your bathroom remodeling should be to create gleaming white surfaces and the impression of a clean room.


Upgrade Your Flooring


Changing your flooring is also not a major undertaking but it can add quite a bit of value.  Options include carpeting, ceramics and hardwood floors.  Like all of your upgrades, it should harmonize with the rest of the house.  The only tricky thing about flooring upgrades is that taste in flooring options changes every so often.  It’s tough to predict what might be nice looking a few years from now.


Doors And Windows


Replacing doors and windows can be done at minimal cost.  When choosing new doors and windows, go for styles that are symmetrical.  Symmetry is pleasing to the eye and, especially with your front door, it will attract prospective buyers.  Also keep in mind energy efficiency.  Upgrading to windows and doors that are more energy efficient gives an excellent boost to your home’s value.


Lighting Upgrades


Most old homes can stand to use some upgrading as far as lighting is concerned.  Clean up your old lights or get rid of them entirely.  Go for something contemporary and focus on adding lights where the lighting is low.  Brightly lit homes sell for much more than dark, spooky houses.


Room Additions


Although it’s a big undertaking, adding rooms can really increase your home’s value.  Lots of home owners add family rooms to the main floor.  Family rooms are great because they increase the living space without making the house awkward.  Sometimes, when you add too many new bedrooms or bathrooms, it’s a little too much and it makes the house harder to sell.


Fireplace Upgrades


Why not add a fireplace?  This is one of the top amenities among Canadian home buyers and if you’ve ever spent the winter in a chilly house, you’ll know why.  Fireplaces add value and coziness.


Finish The Basement


Finally, renovating basements is popular.  Lots of people feel like a home is not a home without a finished basement.  Turn it into a space that is comfortable, warm and dry with plenty of light.


This can never be stressed enough – when you do home upgrades, make sure they match the style of the rest of the house.  If an upgrade doesn’t fit with the overall style, even if it’s a sure-fire value booster, it will make your home harder to sell.

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